Tuesday, September 21, 2010

scholarship for PhD

Dear all,

This is further to the information I sent you on 27 August 2010 about AgTraIn (Agricultural Transformation by Innovation), the PhD programme supported by the European Commission, in which Montpellier SupAgro (including Bernard Triomphe) is a full partner and Prolinnova is an associate partner.

For this first year (academic year starting early 2011), there will be 10 scholarships available from the EU, and at least 10 during each of the 5 years of the project. Each doctoral candidate will need a minimum of two EU supervisors and one non-EU supervisor (called a “supervisor triangle”). Only partners within the consortium can be supervisors or host the doctorates. For your information, I attach once again the information sent earlier about AgTraIn, which shows who the partners are.

The next steps are now starting up:

· Identifying research topics within 5 topic clusters (Primary production; Community organisation; Processing, value addition and post harvest losses; Market linkages; and Livelihood impacts of commercialisation) by 8 October 2010

· Posting call on website by 15 October 2010

· Deadline for 1st round of applications: 22 November 2010

· Shortlisted candidates (20) announced and invited for detailed application: 13 December 2010

· Deadline for 2nd round of applications: 10 January 2011

· Interviews with applicants by 31 January 2011

· Selection of 10 applicants for scholarships by 28 February 2011.

The first task is to identify research topics. Proposed topics with "supervisor triangles" will be posted with the call on 15 Oct and will be open enough to allow flexibility for applicants to develop the theme. We have been asked to propose topics for the call by 8 Oct 2010. To help us identify suitable topics, we are contacting those of you who are interested in either a) hosting doctoral candidates or 2) carrying out doctoral studies yourself. Our questions to you are:

What are research topics that would be of interest to Prolinnova and/or JOLISAA, could be handled by doctoral students and would complement your Prolinnova / JOLISAA work?

If you are thinking of doing a doctorate and applying for a scholarship yourself, on what topic are you interested in conducting your research?

Within Prolinnova, we think that there could be some very interesting topics related to the FAIR (Farmer Access to Innovation Resources) work in piloting Local Innovation Support Funds, perhaps in the cluster on “Community organisation”; or something on multi-stakeholder partnerships to promote local innovation and farmer-led participatory research and development, which could be in any of the clusters mentioned. What specific questions related to those or other topics would you like to have explored or to explore yourselves?

After we hear from you, we will take up contact with other consortium partners to explore the possibilities of setting up a "supervisor triangle" on the topics you propose.

Should you wish to obtain more information directly, the email address is and the website will soon be set up.

Looking forward to hearing from you,



Dr Ann Waters-Bayer

ETC EcoCulture Netherlands

Home office: Rohnsweg 56, 37085 Göttingen, Germany

T: +49 551 485751 F: +49 551 47948

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