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Why isn't the same noise raised for when a heterosexual is murdered by his lover?

Why isn't the same noise raised for when a heterosexual is murdered by his lover?

I share the tail end of John Nagenda's column .....

Why shoot own foot?

Publication date: Friday, 11th February, 2011

By John Nagenda


It brings me to the recent murder of one David Kato. It has now come to light that to some (including those whom he lured into “homoism” for the price of a cheap meal) Kato was not all he seemed to be, but a predator, often of the young. If so, was it not ill-advised for sympathisers, like the Archbishop of Canterbury and the US President, and countless others besides, to rush blindly with comment on his death?

In other words, belonging to the ill-treated homosexual and lesbian minorities does not necessarily raise your status. Even if Kato was at the same time what some took him to be: an activist for same-sex love, it seems vastly OTT (over the top) for people the world over to pull their hair out and tear their garments over the hammer murder of this one person.

Ask yourself this: Would all these people have crammed the air-waves with their cries if the dreadful murder had been between heterosexual lovers? If not, why not?

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Through the lover's confession and from all who knew about their love affair ... they failed to share 'donor' money. By the way this is quite common even amongst NGO leaders when they fail to share 'donor' money ... a case in point is when a top executive of Send A Cow was gunned down in broad day light ... this did not make it to the Guardian ... So the only reason this made it to the Guardian is because Kato was homosexual and not because a human being was murdered????


Chambi many people were killed on the same day that Kato was killed and many more have been killed thereafter, not a single shilling nor a single effort has been made to resolve their murders and in comparison to the amount invested in Kato's, it is plain ridiculous ... It is activist such as yourselves who moved the debate from 'a person' has been killed to 'a homosexual' has been killed, thus shooting yourselves in the foot ....


Chambi, my point is before Redd Pepper (the news paper) published the names and addresses of the homosexuals, we in Uganda already knew who they were and where they lived ... I am not blaming the west, I am pointing out that you, the Chambi's are biased in pushing a particular perspective on an issue ... before you even knew that Kato was mudered by his lover you had already jumped to the conclusion that he was executed by anti-gay Ugandans who got his address from a newspaper .... For many in Uganda we are guilty of promoting a particular dorminant discourse ... in many cases in a hypocritical manner ....It is the hypocrisy of the person who does not comment on the gang rape and murder of Ugandan women and then is holier than though when a man is murdered by his lover that gets to me .... whether you are the guardian or Chambi ...


Yes, Kato won the case and continued to live his life ..... And now many more Ugandans are sadenly becoming homosexuals because of the promise of 'donor' money or the possibility of getting green cards and entries to so-called "greener pastures" .... What I find fascinating is that the same newspaper that Kato sued is renowed for its really negative comments about heterosexuals, especially the female organs ... at one point relating them to the battlefields of Kandahar ... and extolling the man who pound them with carpet bombs, but this did not make it to the Guardian ....


Which is the case with all issues .... but the main point here is that what is considered news, important and reflective of 'world' opinion????? Gays have been living among us for many many years, without being targeted ... I actually believe that one [...] who served in the Kings rifles in world war II was gay, it was known that he preferred the company of boys and he lived well in his home and died a natural death with boys around him ... what has changed????


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