Monday, May 3, 2010

Corruption in Africa-the way to its end

If there is any Country that Tanzania should emitate on the way to end corruption is Rwanda and Botswana. In Rwanda Kagame restricted the use of car that has more than 2300cc in order to reduce the consumption of fuel. recently he stopped expensive cars that are used by donor projects insisting that he might also stop them from working in Rwanda as he has not seen the impact of millions of projects that has been operating in rwanda. Tanzania needs somebody one like Kagame if we real need to bring about development. We have witnessed dissapearing of aggressive people like the Late. Edward Sokoine  who was always aiming at helping his Community. look most of politicians children they are now replacing the positions of their fathers. I have a dream that one day people will get fed up and tied of stupid politics that do not bring any changes to community. I used to work with NGOs they are supposed to be the watch dog for the government and direct it to the right direction, but since they are also suffering with lack of transparency, accountability , commitment they can not claim to be the watch dog. lets work together as Tanzanian academician and use our tallents to bring about changes in economic, politics, social etc.

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