Sunday, May 30, 2010

siasa za Tanzania

Wadau nimrkuwa nikifikiria kwa muda sasa ni lini Watanzania tutakuwa na uchu na upendo na nchi yetu. Ni nchi ya wendawazimu tu na vichaa ndo mtu anaweza kuisababishia hasara ya mabilioni nchi yake alafu anakula vizuri rumande kwa miaka miwili, anatumia pesa nyingi kuhakikisha anashinda kesi na anafungwa miaka miwili aendelee kula kodi ya wananchi, mwisho akate rufaa kwa pesa za wafuta jasho.
Nina ndoto kwamba siku moja tutapata kiongozi ambaye atakuja kurekebisha haya.


Akyoo said...

Boosting Self-Esteem:
Confidence Game
"Confidence," says Christopher Knippers, "is characterized by a basic belief in one's own value as a person and competence at certain skills." We feel good being around these self-assured types who are secure in their worth and abilities. But confidence, Knippers explains in an article for Business Credit magazine, is "A rare quality." Luckily, it's a quality that can be developed.

Here are some of his practical tips for honing confidence skills:

■Become aware of your own strengths. Keep developing those strengths and focus your thoughts on what you do well... The confidence that develops from these thoughts will be self-perpetuating and will make you actually perform better.
■Accept your weaknesses while trying to improve, knowing that you don't have to develop perfection in every aspect of life.
■Develop and focus on thoughts about yourself that reflect respect for yourself and others. Literally have phrases in mind that describe (positive) personal qualities... such as, "I am friendly," or, "I am conscientious."
■Visualize yourself in positive ways. What you imagine has a significant chance of becoming reality. Picture yourself succeeding in the specific functions of your day-to-day routine.
■Learn assertiveness skills. (Rather than the "aggressiveness" and "passiveness" we use to cope with conflict) Assertiveness is simply and rationally standing up for what you believe is best (and) voicing your opinion calmly and respecting the rights of others.
■Always do your best.
■Be friendly. A smile goes a long way toward helping you feel confident.
Knippers recommends avoiding things that can undermine confidence – such as taking comments or actions by others personally or making comparisons to someone "better."

And "Continually gather evidence of reasons to believe in yourself. You may have had many years to gather evidence for less-than-confident thoughts about yourself; so be persistent and patient in the process of building up your confidence."

Anonymous said...

it is good statement