Wednesday, December 1, 2010

AIDS DAY 1ST DECEMBER 2010 Toward HIV/AIDS Policy in Organizations/Internal Mainstreaming

 Yesterday was AIDS Day wolrdwide. it was the time to reflect on the issue of HIV/AIDS. Discussion in Voice of America yesterday revealed that, South Africa is Leading in issues of new infection. In Kenya there has been trial for HIV Vaccination but the results up to now is not promising. In his remarks Prof. Omu Anzala said Vaccine is possible it is only a matter of time. It was also noted that women still face a challenge of weak negotiation power for save sex.  What drawn my attention was contribution by Tanzanian by the name of Alex who said People in Tanzania can not afford to buy condoms instead they wash the used condoms and reuse it again. To me this is not true and a man seems to lack reliable data to draw his statement. It is good that if you have not done any research understand that you dont have right to speak. this is because you may find yourself misleading the community. Voice of America is TV which is followed by people from different part of the wolrd and thus infomation we give should be relevance and accurance.
To other people from Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria said the issue of Poverty and Ignorance is not necessary the causes of high spread of HIV/AIDS. You are my witness that the higher percentage of people dying with diseases are those who are highly educated. Forexample we have witnessed Universities loosing Most of their Professors because of diseases. the Question is are they ignorance and poor?.
In our Organization we do live with people living with HIV/AIDS. The big challenges is how to overcome stigma and discrimination. Most of Organization in Tanzania Including mine lack Policy to address HIV and AIDS in the work place. Most Organizations in Africa are slowly waking up, as HIV/AIDS are threatening their perfomance and effectiveness. there is loss of staff through sickness, death, care for relatives, and funerals, reduced perfomance of staff because of  sickness or distraction and rising medical expenditures.
Internal Mainstreaming is very vital to protect the organization's ability to work, protect human rights by breaking the silence around HIV and AIDS. It can also support individuals to claim their rights through providing infomation to make infomed decisions and by increasing access to treatment, care and suport. workplace policy and Programmes should also attend to the way in which HIV and AIDS can wide gender inequalities.
Lastly In case your organization real need HIV/AIDS Policy/Internal Mainstreaming dont hesitate to contact me as I have wide experiences in preparing this important document to different Organization.

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