Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fighting corruption at Higher learning Institution Orgabization: Challenges and opportunities

Many Students organizations in Tanzania have been at the forefront in addressing issues of Corruption in the Country. However, corruption has been reported in several students organizations . It is just two weeks ago that student organization in my institution conducted its election for president in Mbeya Campus. The election commission committee did its possible measure to ensure that election is free and fair.

 What has forced me to write this,  is that during election process. some of those who were aspiring to contest for the post, used money power to ensure that they get elected. Thanks to the peoples power that they punished them by just voting against them. When election for president was over, those who failed in election tried their best level to disagree with peoples power but their struggle ended in vein. The looser didnot end their as one of them tried to bribe the Institution President who is also a president for Dar es salaam Campus to create a post for him in Mbeya Campus, He managed to bribe him and he was appointed as Depute Prime Minister to serve as Prime Minister at Mbeya Campus. I am told that he paid him a lots of money to ensure that he get the post.
Come to time for confirmation by all students again people's power was there to disagree with the Institute President appointment and this time they were able even to quote some paragraph in the students organization constitution under which it is not written anywhere in the constitution that there will be Depute Prime Minister.
Lessons learned from this election
1. It does not matter where you take the monkey, it will still jump. As lecturer in Development studies, I have been at the forefront to educate my students on strategies they can use to get rid of corrupt leader.  Corrruption is now part and parcel of our life whether we like or not. it is every where and we should not expect clean leaders in future and this has been proved by poor governance and corruption in students organizations.
2. Charit begin at home, lets first use our time to clean our house before we start helping our fellow to clean their own. If we dont real put more effort in fighting against corruption, dont expect to see free corrupt future generation.
3. If we real have people who understand the value of their votes then we can progress. My students have shown good example by voting against corrupt people in their government. lets us all take this example in every kind of election we conduct.
 We should not expect good Accountant and Procurement officers if the students in the field are corrupt. My students please keep on practicing what i have been preaching to you and remember that no one is going to be left on the burden of corruption we take or receive. it is going to affect both the present and future generation.
Lastly, lets all  practice what we preach. but then lets preach on good practices and practice it at every stage.
God bless us, bless Tanzania Youth and May we all work towards free corrupt Institutions and governments.
"It can be done lets all of us play our part"
Posted by Elimeleck Parmena Rasirasi Akyoo.

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