Monday, October 11, 2010

Tied with this kind of politics

On Sunday I received this message which i hope is CCM strategy to make voters lose hope on Dr. Slaa.
Here is the message " Slaa ni mropokaji na mgomvi anatukana vyombo vya ulinzi na usalama. Anataka damu imwagike ili mradi aingie Ikulu. Tumkatalie kuigeuza nchi yetu Somali" sender +3588188226
 To me this is very bad kind of political strategies. Parties should leave people to decide the kind of leader they want and not to spoil the name of others like this.  It is our togetherness we Tanzanian that will determine the direction of Tanzania. Lets make our analysis to determine the good leader that derseve our votes in 31st December. Lets be critical in voting for the forthcoming election.

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