Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I have been asking my self a lots of questions regarding applicability of the policy of kilimo kwanza. It is better for the government to understand clearly the problems that agriculture face and set some strategies to overcome them. Let me highlights some of the problems.
1. Discovery of synthetic products that has reduced demand for agricultural commodities like sisal.
2. seasonality of agricultural sector
3. Vulnerable of the sector to natural disasters such as floods, drought, diseases and pests that lead to fluactuation of agricultural output
4. subsistence farming and lack of necessary capitaland resources to implement modern agriculture
5. market channels of agricultural products are inefficiency and inadequate.
6.use of inefficient traditional methods of production such as land fragmentation which limitsd increase in production.
7.protectionist barriers such as tarriffs from developed country markets.
8. the sector is subject to the law of diminishing returns.
9. price fluctuation.
10. production of biofuel.

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