Friday, April 9, 2010

Practical tips for care givers for PLWHAs

There are some tips that need to be followed by care giver for people living with HIV/AIDS
1. treat PLWHAs with dignity and respect
2. listen
3. respect their need for confidentality and privacy
4. listen them and know that it is okay to talk about their feelings or show anger.
5. Ask to visit or to show anger.
6. Ask to visit or do things together, do not ignore them and stay away.
7. Share your concerns and feelings. do not pretend that everthing is normal.
8. if a person is sick, offer to shop/cook/clean and do not wait to be asked.
9. Help them take their medication and seek treatment on time
10. Do not allow them to become isolated.
11. tell them about other services that amy be available in the community.
It is my hope that those interested with this tips will find it useful.

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Fadhy Mtanga said...

Nimekukuta kwa kaka Mwaipopo. Nimepita kukusabahi na kukukaribisha kwenye libeneke.

Karibu sana pia kibarazani kwangu.