Tuesday, April 13, 2010

policies to implement kilimo kwanza

If kilimo kwanza is to succeed government need to take into consideration some of key policies that need to be implemented.
1. credit facilities to farmers in terms of soft loans to enable them purchase needed capital .
2. suporting of private sector and especially partnership between development actors in the sector
3. use of more efficient methods of production especially use of farmers group to easy provision of extension services to farmers
4. diversification of the economy by improving agricultural industries.
5. use of buffer stocks and buffer funds in order to stabilize agricultural prices
6. prompt payments to farmers should be facilitated.
7. diversification of market to non-traditional markets and by regional intergration efforts
8. where funds are available, marginal lands should be irrigated in order to reduce pressure on fertile land and to delay the operation of the law of diminishing returns
9. research facilities should be developed to increase crop output and improve crop quality. reduce the shelve research reports. this means research findings should be disserminated for use by intended consumers of research results.
10. research, farmers and extensionist linkage should also be imrpoved.
11. The promotion and support of innovators farmers as well as supporting dissermination of their knowledge and skills .

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